Damn You BlogSpot: An Introduction.

I would like to expand your mind. I would like to type a strew of things worth retweeting, but Twitter is for losers and squares. I would like to make you seriously reconsider your grammar practices. I would like to come here and be as openly pretentious as need be and I would like for you to feel welcome enough to snootily sip a snide remark right along with me. But I really don’t want to make you feel bad. In fact, I am a relatively pleasant human being. So, if you, unfortunately, happen to be on Twitter, it’s going to be okay. I, however, prefer to not have a limited word count.

I started a blog long ago, back when the Beijing Olympics were about to begin. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on those opening ceremonies. I was never more proud to be a hypothetical Asian. In present-day, pre-London-Calling Olympic Games of 2012, I must inform you, with deep sorrow, that my Google account is terribly fucked. Also, I dibble-dabble in using offensive words from time to time.

Therefore, damn you BlogSpot. Damn you to hell.

Instead of wallowing in what could have been a deep, dark, pensive, sepia-toned depression, I gathered my words and made a new blog. I realize that you may have no clue who I am and all of this has been a pointless introduction.

Thank you (in advance) for reading,

katie beth


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