it’s easy for me.

Ugh, we get it. You’re happily engaged and you want to spread your love seed all over Facebook. We get it.

Ugh, I understand. I understand that I am a moody person sometimes and it’s annoying. I understand.

Ugh, I am over it. I am over people who I don’t want in my life and I resort to calling them ogres. I really am over it.

But then I read a post about Jessica Redfield. I read it right here on WordPress and decided to reblog it. I am alive and I am bitching about it.

something to consider,

katie beth


2 responses to “it’s easy for me.

  1. So true – letters like this put our own lives in perspective … I guess we just need to start noticing and appreciating the good things more! =D

  2. i agree! reading the post i found about jessica really stuck around in my brain and made me worry less about things that just aren’t important at all to the grand scheme of things.


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