this letter goes out to the ladies.

I don’t understand girls. Having been one my entire life, I still don’t get it. It is an age-old rant to discuss the pitfalls and would-be annoyances of the female race and it doesn’t make it any more viable if it comes from a female, but I just can’t help it. Also, since I have just “refreshed” with a new fancy energy drink from Starbucks, I find that I now have a lot to say. And don’t consider me pretentious for sipping an overpriced beverage, consider me pretentious for bitching about my own sex.

You can’t spell bitching without bitch and there a lot of bitches out there. Ladies are dreamers. Notorious for not giving up, consider our inner girl scouts for our can-do attitudes, girls just can’t let it go. Girls especially can’t let guys go. I believe that every female, and I can only speak for females because I am not a man, has experienced a person that they believe to be their one true love. Now, that one true love can date someone, but the girl will believe in her heart of hearts that she will be the one at the very end. That shit ain’t true, ladies. 

What I am saying is do your fellow female a solid and lay off the instigating. Or just ask yourself, WWJD? I’ll tell you what he’d do – Jesus would put his big girl panties on and grow the fuck up.


yours in female comrade-ship,

katie beth


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